Monday, May 2, 2011

Buying Naginata Gear

At the various places I practice Naginata, there are naginata that I can use already there. Which is good, because I don't think I could carry one on my bicycle! One of the members of my club gave me her daughter's old uniform to wear, but the hakama (pants) were too short.

Then a friend took me to a local martial arts supply store. There I bought my own uniform, and they machine-embroidered my last name on my hakama (in katakana) for free!

I went back to the store last week to finally buy my own naginata. For a while I was reluctant to buy one because I didn't want to transport it back to America when I move away from Japan. But after reading online, it sounds like it's difficult to find Naginata gear in America. Most people order gear from Japan and have it shipped to America. So I figured if I'd have to transport it anyway, I may as well get one sooner rather than later.

I'm planning to keep it at home so I can practice occasionally on my own outside. The asphalt of the parking lot won't be great for footwork, but I can practice the rest. I especially want to practice furikaeshi[1], though I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.


[1] Ignore the woman's grunting; I've never heard anyone do that!


  1. That is not grunting and you are being disrespectful to a very senior Sensei by suggesting that.
    also although modern atarashi naginata is a mix of this and other Koryu budo, she isn't actually performing furikaeshi. She is doing a strike from Jikishinkageryu naginata jutsu.

  2. I'm sorry. How else would you describe it? I intended no disrespect.

    The video looks like furikaeshi to me, and whoever uploaded the video to YouTube labeled it as such. Is there some difference that I'm not seeing (other than that the school of Naginata that it comes from is different)?

    Thanks for pointing out my mistakes; I'm pretty new to Naginata and don't have a whole lot of knowledge yet.

  3. I don't mean to chastise you. And comments like this can seem that way. So, I'm sorry in advance.

    I would describe it as the correct kiai for the exercise she is doing.

    The uploader gave credit (as was correct) to the Jikishin website that they got the clip from.

    check the clip again, The type of naginata is different ( i.e. all wood, and smaller than zen nihon naginata) , she has a tanto in her obi (this style has kata where the naginata is dropped and the tanto is used)
    There are other minor differences too.

    I respect the fact that you are sharing your interest in Naginata but, please be careful to check your information.

    Should you be curious I am a graded practioner of Jikishinkage ryu Naginatajutsu (and have met that sensei )and a 3rd Dan in Atarashi Naginata.I train in Kawasaki.

    Again all I ask is that you are careful not to mislable things.

  4. It's difficult for me to check my information when there isn't much in English -- for example, I can't read the website that the clip is from.

    I do the best I can to not mislable things, but I also think some responsibility lies with the reader. Clearly a blog should not be taken as an authoritative source, especially one that's clearly labeled that I'm learning.

    I'll leave my post and this comment thread as it currently exists as documentation of that.

    I hope you'll continue reading and offering your corrections/advice!